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Affiliate Guide –  How to make the most from Affiliate Conferences?

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we are in august 2023, and its affiliate summer-conferences season. it started with AW Barcelona on July 12th, continued with Affiliate summit East in New York on July 31st, and there are many more to come – Dmexco, Meet Market Berlin, Leadscon US, IGB, Sigma, AW Bangkok….
Regardless if you are a solo affiliate, a member of a media buying team or a user acquisition manager in a large Advertising Network- It’s pretty clear why you are going to attend confrances this summer.
you will come to find new business, increase existing partnerships, and have fun while doing it (yes, this should be a goal).
So what does it take to get the most out of your Conference visit?
Here is a first-hand account of affiliate confrance goers that work with Pushub and agreed to share what works for them.

Part I

Itamar Dinur, Partner & Head of affiliates at Roi collective

Tell us about your company, what’s unique about it?
“ROI-Collective is an affiliate network specializing in finance and casino offers, but it’s more than just a network. ROI-Collective is a home for business-innovation and sophisticated joint ventures. We are constantly busy expanding our business and marketing activities vertically and horizontally. Besides generating traffic in-house and with our trusted partners we also constantly explore new verticals products and traffic-generating strategies.”

What are you looking to achieve at affiliate conferences?
Conferences give us opportunities both to meet with our partners and clients, and to meet new ones. we always invest our time and energy finding the right balance between spending time with our partners and meeting new ones 🙂 Conferences will also give us the opportunity to catch up with new trends, launch promotions and party with our partners! 🙂

How and why did you start working with Pushub?
We first met Pushub in Vegas several years ago and immediately fell in love with Moris (Pushub’s Co-Founder) 🙂 At first, we had no experience with push traffic but learned from our partners it holds great ROI potential. We gave it a try. Within two more conferences (in which we met the rest of the team and partied with them 🙂 ), we both introduced our trusted partners to Pushub and started buying media ourselves with the dedicated help of the rest of the Pushub team.

What are you tips for affiliates coming to a conference to make if profitable Today?
Plan ahead – come with a clearly stated agenda, list of objectives and scheduled meetings,
2. Stay Flexible – also try to stay as flexible as possible, leaving room for the unexpected meetings 🙂
3. Keep a positive Attitude – be open minded, kind, and never underestimate anyone. Everyone you talk to might be you next biggest revnue generator.

“Toasting for a Start”
ROI-Collective & Pushub Teams – a Confrance party in Barcelona, June 2022

“4th meeting is the Charm”
ROI-Collective & Pushub Teams, a Confrance Party in Bangkok, October 2022

Bottom line: It took 3-4 conference meetings across a year (ASW Vegas in 2021, AW Dubai in 2022, AW Barcellona in 2022, AW Bangkok in 2022), and creating a new work model (connecting a CPA network with a CPC Traffic source). but when we finally got it going, we had great success and scale.
Some stories have more chapters than others to build a cooperation.

a classic example of a success from conference meetings that “took as much as it needed, as long as it needed.”

Part II

Sergey Zhuravlev, Ceo at Rollerads

Tell us about your company, what’s unique about it?
“RollerAds is a self-service, high-performance ad network with worldwide coverage and some powerful in-house optimization tools. Our innovative marketing solutions cater to utilities, sweepstakes, antivirus, VPN, iGaming, finance, dating, and media verticals.
With diverse ad formats like Push, In-Page Push, and OnClick, RollerAds helps you engage your target audience effectively. Our platform reaches a vast global audience, delivering over 2 billion impressions daily.
Our mission is to help advertisers and publishers grow and increase profits with our platform without spending valuable time on setting-up and testing!”

What are you looking to achieve at affiliate conferences?
“Our main goal at every single conference is productive networking. We understand the importance of face-to-face communication, as it presents opportunities for exciting projects and collaborations. We eagerly anticipate meeting both new and existing partners. It’s always enjoyable to go beyond messaging platforms and engage in personal conversations”

How and why did you start working with Pushub?
Our collaboration with Pushub began with a Skype introduction. Although we achieved satisfactory results over an extended period, we recognized the potential for even greater success. Everything changed after we personally met at a conference in Las Vegas, 2021. we did not even schedule that meeting, but just Bumped into each other outside the confrance hall during a break from meetings 🙂
During our meeting, we had detailed discussions about the prospects of working together and discovered new avenues for partnership growth.
We did not forget to Toast our growing coopeartion that night at AFFY Expo’s Affialteball Pool Party, with Akon performing some of his hits on stage 🙂
Making significant progress after each conference has become a pleasant tradition for us. This is directly linked to the fact that new paths of development, the right questions, and bold ideas emerge through face-to-face interactions.
by the time we met again in Dubai for Dinner after a day of confrance meetings it was to already smooth experience, and we grew are results again, right after the confrance

What are your best tips for affiliates coming to conferences?
Based on our experience, it is crucial to focus not only on finding new business partners but also on meeting existing ones. As mentioned earlier, personal interactions help uncover new areas of growth and reach a qualitatively new level. Our successful collaboration with Pushub serves as an excellent testament to this.

“First contact”
Rollerads & Pushub Teams, Las Vegas Confrance, October 2021

“Show must go on”
Rollerads & Pushub TeamsAffialte Ball Pool Party – October 2021


“Appetite for business”
Rollerads & Pushub TeamsDubai Confrance Dinner – March 2022

Bottom line: we worked together before meeting at conferences.
but each time we met in conference, no matter if it was a bumping into each other outside a confrance hall, or a Dinner for 10 people, each meeting made us increase business X5, every time, immediately after.

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