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Nutra US Master Affiliate – An 80,945$ Checkmate in 4 Stages

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Nutra Campaigns in the US running on Push notifications can be a hard nut to crack.
So when Pushub’s Success Team saw a Particular Master Affiliate making it Profitable on Pushub’s Dsp, and even overcoming different setbacks, it stood out and got us curious.
We wanted to hear his take on things so we invited him for an open conversion, to share his game plan and experiences, so we can all learn and improve together. 
This is his success Story.

Master affiliate’s Campaign details: 
Type: CBD, Gummies etc.
Geo: US
Cost Per Sale – 120$

We got reports from our own Dsp, and reports from the Affiliate’s Tracking system, that he was kind enough to share. We then asked him some questions on the trends we saw, and what his reasoning was.
Now, we share it with you.

Stage I – August-December 2022 – Starting Slowly but Surely

Pushub Success Team: “how did you start?”

Master Affiliate: “We wanted to start testing Pushub’s traffic in a more conservative way, so at the beginning we had just 1 Landing page. That helped us get the general idea if the traffic was right for us. At the same time we got the idea how much we would need to bid on various sub-Sources”

Revenue = 6,960$

Cost = 7,305.06$

Profit =-345$ (ROI -5%)

Bottom line: testing & gathering data on a small scale, laid the groundwork for future growth.

Stage II – January 2023 – Accelerated Growth

Pushub Success Team: “What made you scale X5 in January 2023?”

Master Affiliate: In January, we tested a few more variations of landing pages. Previous knowledge of which sub-sources to focus helped us scale faster, and Knowledge of which sources performed poorly in the past helped prevent unnecessary losses.”

Revenue = 15,260$

Cost = 10,535$

Profit =4,725$ (ROI +44%)

Bottom line: scale is increasing profiting sources, and avoiding losing sources.

Stage III – February 2023 – Further Expansion

Pushub Success Team: “Why did you scale the spend a second time, X2, in February 2023?”“Why did your Profit Margin drop X2 between January & February 2023?

Master Affiliate: Since January was profitable it was natural to just keep scaling while figuring  out the best bids – how much to increase bids in order to win more traffic, while keeping an eye on the profit margin to not decrease more than needed. It is known that scaling up usually brings some decrease in Profit Margin over time. overall February was still profitable, but scaling up a second time with current Creatives & landing pages did not do well enough, and we ended up X2 less profitable than in January”

Revenue = 22,450$

Cost = 20,743.86$

Profit = 1,707$ (ROI +18%)

Bottom line: once the scale strategy is locked in, you push for more growth. 
Increase =  higher bids, on profitable sources, where there is more volume to buy (based on Winrate), while keeping an eye on profit margin. If the Profit Margin drops more then planned, it’s time to rethink the strategy.

Stage IV – March-April 2023 – Taking a hit, just to come back up

Pushub success Team: “Why did March 2023 spend decreased X2 from February 2023?

Why did the Spend and Profit scale back up X2 between March 2023 and April 2023?”

Master Affiliate: “since profitability and margin decreased in February, We decided to scale down and find something different we could Run on Pushub’s Traffic. During March We tested news-style landing pages, and new creatives of all kinds. We kept testing on a lower budget, till we found the right combination.By April, we were able to scale up again while closely watching performance for different sources.”

Revenue = 36,275$

Cost = 28,075$

Profit = 8,200$ (ROI +29%)

Bottom Line: profitability is not a linear upward/downward spiral. Knowing how to handle a setback, and go back to profiting is key.

Bonus Chapter – Why did this work?

Reflecting on this success story by the Affiliate, several key factors stood out:
Effective A/B Testing: The Master Affiliate’s success was significantly driven by their effective A/B testing strategies, which helped him determine the most effective combinations of creatives and landing pages.
Quickly adapting to change – he was able to scale up when opportunity came, scale down when hitting a setback, learn by testing new and different things, and scale back up. 

Utilizing Data: The Master Affiliate effectively Utilized WL and BL of high-performing Sub-Sources. 
Open Communication and Transparency: The Master Affiliate maintained an open line of communication with Pushub, regularly sharing ROI figures, which helped in further refining and optimizing the campaigns on Pushub’s side.
Vertical Focus + Expertise the Affiliate was doing just one vertical until he got it right – Nutra US.
Pushub mostly works with affiliates runing several verticals parallelly – like software, crypto, Sweeps and other. however it this case – it became apparent that his Focus and know-how, specifically with Nutra, had a big part in his success.

80,945$ = Revenue

67,291$ = Cost

Profit = 13,654$ Profit (+20%)

Bottom line: Check & Mate.

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