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The Ultimate Guide To Push Notification Campaigns

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What are the benefits of using push notifications and what can you use them for? In this article, Moris Katzobashvili, co-founder at Pushub explains how to implement them and which practices are best to follow.

What Are Web Push Notifications?

Web Push Notifications aka Browser notifications are notifications visitors can opt-in to receive from a website or an app. These notifications can contain content information or alerts from the sites and also for advertising purposes. The notification format presents clickable and rich content messages that advertisers can use to promote their brand or product.

Web Push notifications can be delivered to your user’s device (mobile or desktop) even when the user is not on the opt-in website. Therefore advertisers can send promotional notifications to engaged users any place and any time.

It is important to remember: notifications can only be sent to users who have opted-in to receive these notifications.


Why Do We Love Web Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are used by advertisers to increase, engage, and retain their audience. With easy opt-in funnels and allowed compliance by major browsers (Chrome, Firefox and etc) users can simply subscribe to these notifications by clicking on the Allow button on the permission prompt.

For a couple of years, the adoption of web push notifications has been amazing. Advertisers, Digital Marketers, Affiliates, Brands, and Media Experts – are using web push notifications as a must promotional tool to reach a new level of ROI.

Push Notification Secrets

As mentioned above, the usage of push notifications has become standard in today’s advertiser’s work plan. However, most of them still looking for the right way to use the relatively new format. Here are a couple of confidential tips from the PusHub team.

  1. Tweet Mode – Use a minimum of up to 10 characters in the Headline and 20 characters in the description. A larger amount of characters or a long message does not fit the notification format.
  2. Split Devices – separate your Desktop and Mobile Web Push Notification campaigns. Especially with notifications, the device type the user will see the message has a huge impact on the content presented to him (image and text).
  3. Browser Targeting – Web push notifications are based on user browsing flow. Therefore you can target users by GEO, OS, Device, Language, IP, Carrier, Timing, and Dates.
  4. Creatives – Notifications are mostly contextual messages (images can be added to increase CTR), so using different types of text and images is a must to find the right mixture of creativity to receive the best ROI from your campaign. Our recommendation is to use at least 4 creatives with different text and images per campaign.
  5. CTR – Push content or creative should be adjusted to your Landing page look and fill. Many advertisers use the creative to make users click their ads (click bytes), those might have high CTR on the notification but the conversion rate drops accordingly. From our experience, we prefer a high CPC rate and low CTR to a low CPC and high CTR.

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