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5 Tips For a Crypto Campaign with PusHub DSP

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Every day dozens of new advertisers join our DSP – Looking to reach the golden path for converting Crypto leads with our push notification users.

Since it became one of Pushub’s leading campaign types, our success manager team has decided to share 5 tips to improve your Crypto Campaign significantly.

  1. Always Use a Prelander – Crypto affiliate beginners usually lead the user from our push message straight to the Crypto landing page which is a huge mistake. Those types of leads are considered to have less quality compared to a user who goes from push message to pre-lander and then to the Crypto landing page. Most pre-landers are informative articles or successful study cases of Crypto winners.
  2. Twit Text – Push notification (just like Twits) needs to be short, simple, and to the point. When talking about Crypto it’s recommended to use relevant messages for today. For example, the Bitcoin price has reached 60k$ a few days ago – so your message should talk about it, it should capture user intonation as you are sending real-time information. Another example: Bitcoin price went down the last couple of days – your message should talk about it – “Make Money Even When Bitcoin Price Drops”
  3. Focus on Mobile – Analyzing 2021 data on our DSP so far, it’s clear Android users convert much better than Desktop users on Crypto offers. We can debate on why the Crypto conversion rate changes by OS, but the fact remains – Start your Crypto campaign with Mobile Targeting.
  4. Countries and Cities Targeting – Choosing the right GEO not only depends on what your advertisers offer. You can also choose the GEO you want to focus on by average income per citizen and number of android active users (push does not work on IOS). After choosing the Countries you want to focus on, you should also explore our City targeting, especially in 3rd world countries, city targeting has a huge impact on CR and quality of leads (Major cities in 3rd world countries tend to work better than small cities).
  5. Optimize Contently – Crypto Market fluctuations tend to be drastic, so mastering this category has a lot to do with the time you spend on optimization. Whether it’s blocking non-converting subids, optimizing OS and Browser, or changing Creatives constantly, on PusHub DSP we see higher ROIs across the board with affiliates that spend enough time to optimize!

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